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We deliver affordable vision care to America’s healthcare deserts

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Join a network of universities and colleges, who have made Behold their student and alumni eye care solution

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Virtual Eye care

Remote eye care is coming to your community

Our award-winning eye care professionals are bringing leading eye care technology to eye care deserts, where the ratio of eye care physicians to the community population is so low, it takes months to see an eye doctor, get a diagnosis and proper treatment.

You receive all the benefits of owning a practice, without any of the stresses. Business growth, work life balance and early retirement are how doctors leverage Behold.


Calling All Early Adopters

Are you an eyecare provider, who embraces technology and is ready to build a thriving practice without overhead costs?  We are collaborating with medical professionals like you and your technology embracing colleagues, who put patient-care first.


Sustainable by design

Our commitment to sustainability in the eye care industry is evident through our innovative practices. By utilizing recycled materials for our frames, we’re not just creating stylish eye wear, but also reducing our carbon footprint.



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