Deliver eye care working remotely, on your schedule, without overhead costs, delivering service where you are needed the most

We reimagine the way eye care is delivered in underserved communities

Our unique, state-of-the-art telemedicine software, online marketplace, and cutting-edge medical diagnostic instruments provide digital eye exams enhanced with artificial intelligence to underserved areas lacking access to eye care. This enables primary eye care practitioners to proactively prevent, identify, treat, and remotely monitor various eye conditions and diseases.

We’re out to build a better eye care system that includes everyone across the visual divide. Millions of individuals in rural USA face the social and economic challenges of impaired vision due to the absence of primary eye care services. Our inclusive business model equips local community members with knowledge, training, and pathways into healthcare careers and to tackle the demand for vision care within their own communities, ensuring long-term sustainability.


Serving Eye care Deserts

We are steadfast in our commitment to closing the gap in eye care access, by focusing on bringing vital services to eye care deserts. By bringing eye care directly to these deserts, we empower individuals and communities to prioritize their vision health, ensuring that no one is left behind in the pursuit of clear sight and overall well-being.

We bridge the gap in vision care by training individuals in rural and semi-urban communities to become frontline vision care providers. Our program equips technologists with the skills to conduct vision tests and helps them establish their own businesses, selling prescription glasses and sunglasses within their communities. Through a vocational training in virtual technology, participants gain the necessary knowledge to run a successful small vision care business. Additionally, Behold offers ongoing support in entrepreneurship, logistics, and marketing to help technologists grow their businesses, hire more staff, and organize outreach screening events in remote rural areas.